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Travertine Tile Installation

Jordan Stone & TileTravertine Tile Installation

Travertine Tile Installation

Travertine is not as tough as marble or granite is, however, travertine is extremely durable. It is worth noting that the exterior of the famous Colosseum in Rome comprises travertine stone. Therefore, you can rest assured that your travertine tiles will last for years.

Travertine tiles typically come in a range of shades primarily in white, beige or cream. These colours exude a natural aesthetic appeal that will win people’s attention. Moreover, these shades will blend perfectly with the existing colours of the decoration and furniture. In addition, the soft natural appearance of travertine helps in creating a relaxed feel.


You might have come across workers engaged in stacking stone or stone cladding. Consider asking these workers about the stone that is easiest to cut and shape. They would readily agree that they could cut and shape travertine tiles easily enough. Therefore, if you require travertine tiles to fill small or odd-shaped spaces, this will not be difficult to accomplish.

Replacing tiles also becomes easier with travertine tiles. If you need to replace a few tiles of other stone materials, you would find it hard to come across an exact likeness. In contrast, travertine slabs and tiles are easier to match up.