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Porcelain Tile Installation

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Porcelain Tile Installation

When you’re thinking of redesigning a space, like a room in your home or your office, it’s important to know that porcelain tile offers an almost infinite amount of various colors, shapes, and sizes that can be used together to create a truly unique and beautiful atmosphere. Porcelain tile is a staple for interior decorators because of how much it lends itself to creative expression. However, not only is porcelain tile a gorgeous medium to build with, it also has extremely durable qualities that make it a very practical building material as well. And we’d like to go over eleven of those qualities with you today.

  1. Durability – Compared to other popular materials used to make floors and walls, porcelain tile has a significantly longer life span.
  2. Fire resistant – Porcelain tile is fireproof. It won’t burn, produce smoke or any toxic fumes.
  3. Moisture resistant – Perfect for bathrooms or other areas that come into contact with water, porcelain tile has a less than 0.5% moisture absorption rate.
  4. Tread wear and abrasion resistant – Porcelain tile’s durability makes it an excellent choice for floors that see a great deal of foot traffic and daily wear and tear.
  5. Slip resistant – Porcelain tile surfaces are often made with a glaze that includes an abrasive grit. These tiles add significant traction to avoid slips and falls.
  6. Frost resistant – Because of their durability, porcelain tiles are also perfect for exterior uses and can withstand the harsh elements of the winter season.
  7. Thermal shock resistant – Properly installed, a porcelain tile floor will not buckle or break during extreme temperatures.
  8. Easy to maintain and stain resistant – Keeping a porcelain tile floor clean merely requires a bit of sweeping and mopping.
  9. Chemical resistant – Common household products that contain harsh chemical agents won’t damage or stain porcelain tile.
  10. Maintains color – Porcelain tile doesn’t fade or change color even when exposed to direct sunlight for extended periods of time, so are great for outdoor structures.
  11. Sanitary – Porcelain tile is also very hygienic, so is regularly recommended for use in places where sanitary standards are of extreme importance.

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